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Spartan Spark is a full service marketing agency specializing in digital marketing services, and the creator of SpartanSuite, a cloud-based marketing and sales platform that helps businesses of all sizes grow their online presence and customer base.


Inspiring Youth Initiative

Find out how you can qualify for our entrepreneur intensive for budding young entrepreneurs.  Inspiring Youth Initiative

How to Set Up Google Hangouts on Air for First Time Users

Written By: Dafne Canales Posted: 2 months ago
Tutorial for first time Hangouts On Air Users. Hangouts on Air is like a webinar or a group Skype that you can broadcast live


Spartan Spark Presenting "How To Win Innovation Grants" at Innovate Calgary

Written By: Dafne Canales Posted: 2 months ago
Are you a developer working with technology driven business and would like to know more about how the innovation grants can assist your clients with their R& D work?


Sexy Vs Smart - Are you choosing the right one?

Written By: Dafne Canales Posted: 3 years ago
[[image align="center"]] With over a decade of experience Spartan 6 developers have seen hundreds of websites come and go. **"Why do they go?"** One of the biggest mistakes we see business owners is when it comes to deciding between SEXY OR SMART? Read more for 3 important tips on how you can stay in business by being both sexy and smart.