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Google+ Authorship Hangout

Posted By: dafne Posted On: Oct 11, 2013 to Section(s): Main


I attended the
Social SEO, Authorship & Google Plus Optimization - Real Estate Plus Hangouts

It was excellent with tons of information on how Google+ helps people establish themselves as experts in their field as well as help raise their SEO rankings - no matter what industry you're in.

Boom! Beer! & Business! -Fun!

Posted By: dafne Posted On: Aug 27, 2013 to Section(s): Main

Spartan 6's Nadia & Dafne with guest Kamran C.

We had a great time at the Boom! Beer! & Business! event.
See you all next year!!

Learning from Operation PRISM

Posted By: dafne Posted On: Jun 21, 2013 to Section(s): Main


We’re obviously not even close to the end of the revelations around both Operation PRISM and Edward Snowden, but (avoiding political or ethical commentary on what happened) a few things are becoming clear around the challenges and best practices of dealing with the malicious privileged insider, and the potential impact of this whole mess on public cloud use.

Google's Pilot Program - Only to be launched in Canada

Posted By: dafne Posted On: May 29, 2013 to Section(s): Main


Spartan 6 is excited to part of Google Partners - a pilot program that is being launch only in Canada!

View the Announcement


Leads. We all need a steady stream of them.

There are hundreds of different ways to generate leads, but having a system to capture leads, and assist the conversion process makes your life much easier, and more profitable.


You need to do something with the information to show them who you are, what makes you different, and why they should do business with you vs. all the other alternatives out there.

Here are some simple rules for following up with brand new leads.

Sexy Vs Smart - Are you choosing the right one?

Posted By: dafne Posted On: Apr 23, 2013 to Section(s): Main


With over a decade of experience Spartan 6 developers have seen hundreds of websites come and go. "Why do they go?"

One of the biggest mistakes we see business owners is when it comes to deciding between SEXY OR SMART?

Read more for 3 important tips on how you can stay in business by being both sexy and smart.


More tips from media coach Susan Harrow, and how you can actually use last week's Speak in Sound Bites in a media interview. She goes over an example of how she prepares her clients for media spots and what you can do to make yourself attractive to tv producers.

Speak in Sound Bites

Posted By: dafne Posted On: Apr 10, 2013 to Section(s): Main


Speak in Sound Bites: 5 Strategies to Get More Clients, Customers, and Sales, and Become a Media Darling. A summary of media coach and marketing strategist Susan Harrow's webinar.

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