Rock Bottom Landscape Business


Needed to an online testiment of previous work, allowing their work to speak for itself
Needed ability to add new content as new jobs where completed.
Needed a corporate email solution


Enabled the Content Management allowing the client 100% control to all content
Enabled the gallery system, showcasing the photographs of previous work in various along every page of the site
Enabled the Remote File System allowing easy updates to the photo gallerys, with resizing for the web taken care of.
Website rebranding and update of content styling to add impact to the site, "Pride that is meant to be stepped on!"

Out Come

Client generated more qualified leads, with the standard questions already addresses
Client able to keep photo galleries up to date with new work as it is completed
Client able to direct client from other lead sources to the website to see work history.
Client able to refine or change marketing with 100% Content Management
Client able to track lead generation from different sources

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